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My Hell Feldfernschreiber

For more information on this particular Hell Feldfernschreiber and other Hellschreibers, click here.

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My transceivers and antenna tuners
picture of Alinco DX-70 transceiver    
    Since 2003: Alinco DX-70TH
                                   Since December 2008 I bought a
        150 kHz-30 MHz + 50-54 MHz 100W                            SoftRock-40 kit for a small (2¼x2½", 6x9 cm)

ham band transceiver, general coverage receiver               low-cost "software defined radio" (SDR) transceiver
                                                                                       for small frequency swaths in the 20 and 30 meter band.

 Under construction: a tiny 10 watt PA (1½x2¼", 5½ x 4 cm) for use with my SoftRock TX/RX. Kit from QRPprojects. For portable SDR operation with my laptop PC...



 HF/6m antenna tuner MFJ-945E



The very compact 10 watt portable ZM-4 antenna tuner kit from QRPprojects


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My station, all hooked up


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photo - radio BF224F     picture of Hallicrafters SX-100 receiver
My first shortwave receiver: a BC-224-F (= BC-348)                         My second receiver: a Hallicrafters SX-100

          - gift from Timmermans family in 1975 -                                    - gift from Charles E. Cowen -                 


bullet "BC-224 and BC-348 aircraft radio receivers" by  Ken, KF6NUR, 1998
bullet "Handbook Maintenance Instructions Radio Receivers BC-224-F BC-224-K BC-348-H BC-348-K BC-348-L BC-348-R", USAF doc. AF-WP-O-16 MAY 57 5,510, 1945, rev. 1957
bullet "KW-Empfänger BC-348 (E348 A + B)", Das Surplus-Handbuch Teil 2, B. Jacobi,
bullet "Ontvanger BC 348 - BC 224", in Dutch; source unknown
bullet "De BC348 als amateur ontvanger", L. Ledoux (NL390), Electron, October 1949, pp. 403-407
bullet "BC-348 Receiver Page" by J.A. Moorer
bullet "Modernisierter BC-348", Günther Laufs (DL6HA), pp. 90-94 in "Das DL-QTC", Jg. 1961, Heft 3
bullet Hallicrafters SX-100 manual



Spare tubes: 6J7, 6B8G, 6J7, 6K7, 6C5, 6V6GT, VR53, 6F7

PL508,PL802, EL84, EL42, EL86, ECC88, ECC85, EZ81, 6146B/8298A


A set of five spare tubes of type RV12P4000 for my Hellschreiber

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crystal set and telegraph key

picture of crystal set receiver      picture of inside of crystal set
For days without electrical power: a crystal set receiver, with  "cat's whisker" diode
- gift from Charles E. Cowen -


Postal Tel. Co. telegraph key

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My t

My toys: (above) a fancy dip meter with digital frequency read-out, built from a kit  (Xmas '06)
- can also be used as RF signal generator and AM receiver -



 miniVNA - a tiny antenna analyzer 0.1-180 MHz with USB connection to my PC

HP5383A 10 Hz - 520 MHz frequency counter

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