The period of and between the 20th century's world wars is absolutely abundant with fascinating and important technological developments and innovations in the chemical, electrochemical, broadcasting, electronics, aviation, medical, and other sciences and industries. Much of it is the basis for today's "modern" technology. This includes, of course, the Hellschreiber. That same period is also rife with corporate and industrial intrigue, collusion, syndication, working both sides of "the war", etc. Plenty of material for thrilling novels and movies!

On this page, I will eventually briefly highlight some of the areas, that do have a link to the Hellschreiber - however remote, circuitous or convoluted the link may be - via the companies involved or with their competition. It is well beyond the scope of this page and this website, to go into great detail, however interesting it may be. The list of references will point to further reading.

Note that there is already material about the manufacturing and components supplier companies on my Feld-Hellschreiber "Components and Construction" page.

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