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The 18th annual meeting of the Funkhistorischer Interessenkreis ("Radio-Historical Interest Group") took place in Dessau/Germany, late April of 2011. I gave a 1+ hour presentation about the principles of Hellschreiber. My presentation (in German) can be downloaded here. This is a zipped file (146 MB !) that includes the actual PowerPoint presentation, as well as the associated audio files. All files must be unzipped to the same directory. The presentation contains many animations, so it should be viewed in PowerPoint "Slideshow" mode. If you don't have a PowerPoint viewer, you can download it directly from Microsoft here (freeware).

Dessau ipse

The title page of my 2011 presentation and myself, doing the presentation

There were interesting presentations about the local activities of the (now defunct) military radio intelligence services of the former German Democratic Republic ("East Germany"), development in Germany of metal-ceramic radio tubes, a unique prototype of a very compact modular transceiver from ca. 1942, and two on the topic of Hellschreiber.

The meeting program also included exhibits of historic equipment (including several Hellschreiber models), visits to various sites and museums in the history-rich Dessau area (e.g., the Junkers museum), a ladies program, and general socializing. In all, very pleasant and interesting! The summary report (in German) of the meeting is here.


I am - still - in the process of making an in-depth presentation of the Hell Feldfernschreiber and related topics. It will cover the same topics (history, what it is, how it works, circuitry, operation, software emulators, etc.) as found elsewhere on this website. It will include photos, video clips, audio. The video clips when at least two of my three Feld-Hell machines are operational again. Making a decent presentation is a time consuming process. The current early draft presentation is here (135 MB zip file, incl. audio files). Note that this is still without video clips (though there are placeholder slides for that) and without voice narration. Dynamic slide transitions and animation has not yet been optimized (need the narration first). If you download the zip-file, put all files in the same directory. It is in PowerPoint format , and should be viewed in "Slideshow" mode.



On 12 November 2011, Dan Anghel (YO9ADN) gave a 20 minute presentation "FELD HELL, primul mod digital este inca actual" ["Feld-Hell, the first digital mode is still around"] and a demo about Hellschreiber, at the 2011 symposium of the Amateur Radio Club in Bazau, Romania. Dan's PowerPoint presentation is, of course, in Romanian, and is based on my long presentation (see top of this page)

YO9ADN Bazau


Randy Hall, K7AGE, held a Hellschreiber Forum at the 2012 Pacificon Amateur Radio Convention, October 2012 in Santa Clara/California. The video of his 49 minutes presentation can be viewed below. His presentation in pdf format can be downloaded here. A one-page handout is here.

(source: YouTube)


The 22nd annual meeting was held in Minden/Germany on April 23-26 of 2015. I made a (long!) presentation entitled: "UKW-Richtstrahl-Drehfunkfeuer "Bernhard" und Empfangszusatz mit Kommandoübertragung "Bernhardine" der Luftwaffe", about the WW2 "Bernhard/Bernhardine" rotating radio-navigation beacon system of the Luftwaffe. The "Bernhardine" airborne part of the system includes an interesting 2-channel Hellschreiber. My PowerPoint presentation (in German) can be downloaded here (40 MB).

Hell presentation

The title page of my 2015 presentation

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